Families First

The entire family is an important part of every child’s education at Alta Public Schools

Family Atmosphere

In the tradition of many charter schools, Alta Public Schools promotes a family atmosphere that encourages dialogue between parents and administrators at all levels.

For this reason families are encouraged to schedule a visit to the school as part of the enrollment process to meet the individuals and learn in a one on one scenario about the resources, services and programs that are offered as part of the school. We also adhere to a dress code and student conduct policy that discourages bullying and provides avenues to correct potentially harmful situations.

Parent University – IB Knowledge AND IB Student Support

Alta Public Schools promotes a positive working relationship between families and the school.

In effort to do so we have established the Parent University and are committed to providing the education and training needed to support IB students. We also utilize cutting edge programs such as Edmodo and Parent Square to maximize the ability of both students and parents to interact with their instructors and school personnel.

World-Class Education

Providing a world-class education by applying the International Baccalaureate® Program in all grades

The International Baccalaureate Program

The International Baccalaureate Program is the signature mark of Alta Pubic Schools. Our school is the only learning institution in the community that offers a global approach towards education.
We have chosen this direction because the future society that awaits our youth will be far different than the one which exists today. The IB Program will ensure that our students are intellectually prepared to excel in this new transnational economy.

Learn more about the IB Program (click here)

Preparation for College

Graduation from college for every student is the ultimate goal of Alta Public Schools. The ultimate goal of Alta Public Schools is that every student is admitted to and graduates from college.

College Preparatory Program

Our College Preparatory Program is designed to generate the skills and motivation necessary so that our students are prepared to successfully compete in post-secondary institutions. Students will receive tutoring, counseling and individualized instruction to help prepare for college.

College Persistence Program

In addition, as part of the Persistence Program students are prepared in advance for the challenges that often result in students dropping out of college. Our goal is to not only assist them with the opportunity to attend college but to ensure that they graduate.

Preparation for Success in the Real World

Preparing young adults for success in the wider world

Real World Experience

Here at Alta Public Schools we believe a true education includes providing avenues for the families to explore vibrant and culturally diverse social settings that will foster the mental growth and confidence needed to excel in a cosmopolitan world. All students are encouraged to participate.

Our partnerships with organizations in different parts of the city, such as The Teen Start Up Academy located in Marina Del Rey, provide real world experience for all students and provide tools to navigate work life and future educational endeavors.

Leadership Training Program

Alta Public Schools prepares our students today for leadership roles in the future

Our Leadership Training Program creates opportunities for students to develop the confidence and skills needed to take an active role in the collaborative efforts required to participate in a dynamic society. Public speaking, positive thinking and organized planning are only a few of the skills that help form this strategic focus.

Career Ready Certification

Alta Public Schools believes in the immediate preparation for potential career opportunities.

Our Career Ready Certification program (IBCP) offers students the opportunity to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation by offering certificates in industries such as information technology, design and healthcare.

Police Cadet Program

Careers in Criminal Justice remain a viable option for members of our community and therefore Prepa Tec High School has partnered with the local Huntington Park Police Department to participate in their Police CadetProgram. This program not only prepares students for future jobs in law enforcement, but also helps to foster a trusting relationship between our families and those members dedicated to protect and serve the community.


True opportunities for learning and exposure often exist outside the classroom and school grounds.

Prepa Tec High is committed to providing valuable externships for students to volunteer and participate in the everyday activities of innovative and progressive businesses. From finance companies to design houses to eco-friendly community organizations, Prepa Tec students are given the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions in the real world before they even set foot at a major university.

International Travel

International Travel is an experience offered for all students participating in our International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

Alta Public schools recognizes the personal growth and development that results from studying abroad and so we have partnered up with international institutions to provide these learning opportunities.


Alta students compete in state-wide Robotics competitions each year

Robotics Program

The use and importance of robotics in our society continues to grow each year and Alta Public Schools has made it a focal point of our education to ensure that our students are prepared to meet the expectations of a workforce depending more and more on technical expertise. As a result, from the first year they enter our program students are exposed to the fundamental concepts of programming and design that will lay the foundation for a career in this growing field.


Alta Public Schools fully supports scholar-athletes

CIF Sports Program

Sports have always been a key component in helping to develop balanced young adults. Therefore along with the diverse sports program already offered at Prepa Tec High, we have partnered with the larger traditional local Huntington Park High School to offer participation in CIF sports such as football, baseball, soccer and track to allow for those students that excel in these arenas to pursue increased competition and ultimately apply for athletic scholarships.